He has not texted me for a few days

so met this guy at a wedding and we had a really fun night of dancing and talking! we did not hook up but exchanged numbers. also another important factor is that we live in different states. I'm from MD, he is from FL. we were both kinda had a mutual feeling like hey you should come to FL, or you should come to MD. I work in MD and would never wanna live anywhere else. so its up to this guy if he wants to move here. (he has been loooking for jobs in MD) so who knows what is gonna happen.

but what has been bugging me is that I have been the one initiating the texts lately. he responds a good length but I feel he is pulling away. I have not texted him for almost 2 days now and he has not texted once.

i know if he stays in FL, nothing will happen and I'm okay with that. but since there is a possibility that he will move here... I would like to stay in contact with him. but what should I do?


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  • It tough to tell if he still is interested or not. Since you have to start of the texts it makes it hard to know if he really likes you since you always have to intiaite. That is good that he responds back. If you stop texting him. I don't think he will text on his own. Maybe he doesn't like to text. Also hopefully he can find a job close near you but I feel he will have to keep you updated on that as well. This could work out if he tries and shows more effort. I feel he is pulling away alittle to.Maybe he might text you on his own.


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