Boyfriends profile is back up on dating site

i've been dating this guy that I met online for about two months know. he seems crazy about me, we work so well together. we've had a few fights (the last one being last week), but we work them out and are better because of them. as stupid as it is, we're official on Facebook. things are pretty serious, I've met some of his family and he's met a lot of my friends.

anyway, over the weekend, my mom asked me if my ex-boyfriend was dating anyone new. out of curiousity, I logged into my fake name on the dating website (where I also met my last boyfriend) to see if his profile was still up. anyway, I saw my current boyfriend's picture in the "previously viewed" area and I decided to click it just to make sure. come to find out, his profile is back up and it said he logged in around 6 last night.

he came over last night and things went well...nothing really seemed unusual, but I'm devastated right now. I don't know what to think. I'm hoping it was some sort of accident, like he clicked a link in an email they sent (I still get emails sometimes), or he was checking to make sure my profile was deleted, but I'm freaking out.

i also have no idea how I would confront him? any help is appreciated. thanks you guys.


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  • It means he wants to do something shady.


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  • It's difficult to confront him without seeming stalker-like. What would you say 'I logged into my fake profile to check up on my ex and saw you'd been on the site recently?' He may have been doing the same thing as you but just using a real profile. Either way, you've both been on it recently, he just hasn't done it discreetly like you.

    In saying that, if you believe he may be seeing other people and you do not like this, ask him . If you trust him enough to know he's not, leave it.

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