I don't understand his behavior?..

So my boyfriend and I of 2 years got into a heated argument and basically broke up on this past Friday. Like 20 min after our argument I asked just to be sure if he really wanted to be single. He said after what you just said? Yes. he's been known to say things that he doesn't mean out of anger and I said "remember that I asked you if you were sure and you said yes". So then on Saturday we talked but nothing too friendly but it wasn't another argument either. So Monday night I text him saying "just for clarification, we're really single right?". I get no reply but I know he's seen my text since then. So today he calls me from his job but leaves no message. I try to return his call but the company's phone line was busy for at least an hour. I finally text him to let him know that I tried calling back and to see what he was calling about. He doesn't reply or call back. I called him later on around 8, same thing. If he is truly done that's fine but just say that. Why call then not get back to me? Or why not just be straight up if you really are done with that person? I don't understand why he is being like this, I just want a verbal answer. And please don't say he's giving you an answer through his actions, I want him to be a mature adult and give me an answer. There would be nothing to question had he not called me today at work so I'm just confused. Thanks.


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  • If you don't want me to say "..Answer through his actions" then I wont. But you can't force somebody to mature or growup. He's just not there yet. You keep forgiving him for what he says when he blows up. Don't do that... That's the root of "he doesn't appreciate me"

    • Thanks for the response.

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  • It seems that he's just a crazy guy.


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