How to get your girlfriend back for good

Has anyone read this book or looked into this program by Dr. George Karanastasis. My girlfriend and I broke up a few weeks ago. I know I can't trick her into being with me again and it might not ultimately work out. I just want to know if there is anything to benefit from or learn reading this book. I'm looking within to improve myself and try to better my relationship skills, if not for my ex than my future relationship. Any input or even advice towards another book would be great. I love her and I am not going to give up if there is a solution I am not seeing. Not desperate just determined.


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  • I don't believe in any book... at all that pertains to "catching" women. It's immoral, manipulative, and degrading to women. Every dating book that follows a systematic plan is nothing more than a scheme. The reason for this is because these books suggest that every girl can be "caught" by following a program.

    Does it work? Yes and no. First you have to consider that since your following "steps", your not being honest to the girl your after. Your being something other than yourself. But because you might be telling the girl what she wants, obviously she will fall for it. How does it not work? When the girl realizes your not acting your true self, or when she recognizes your traits.

    My advice is to don't do it. Find a way to make your girlfriend love you again, rather than listening to someone else's plan to "trick" her.

    • Totally agree. That's why I am asking. I didn't know if there was any good advice in there. Ex. is there anything that I can look inside myself and work on. Is there a need that she desires as a woman that I am not meeting. I can't force her to come back I just don't want to mess up the opportunity if it arises. Thanks!

    • Just learning from your mistakes and continuing to grow up. I don't mean that in a condescending way, but I mean that we usually only learn more about ourselves through difficult times. If she notices a genuine change in you, then yes she will likely give it another shot. I'm not suggest you only change, this has to be mutual too. Both of you have to accept your faults.

    • I actually talked to my gma about this. who better than a woman who was married over 50 years right? Anyway, she said that her advice was that if I looked past her faults and the love was still there than that's the most important thing. I don't think she realizes that I'm not mad she needed some time apart. I just don't want her to feel like she can't come back or that I will judge her. I also don't want her to feel obligated. It is her choice.