Should you end a text conversation with a girl or not reply, if her response doesn't need an answer?

So I sent her 3 replies yesterday and she returned with 3 replies. These were more flirty/witty replies to each other, as I'm not a big believer in having a huge, long conversation through text.

However, her last reply was late at evening yesterday, I replied to it early afternoon the next day (today) with "That streak I was on last weekend must have triggered something" (inside joke). She replied with "Hahahaha.. Hmmm, maybe so".

Now I'm not sure whether to respond to this, because there's nothing to help me push the conversation from her side. Is it better to not reply and initiate a new one in a few days?

Or, would it be better to use a 'goodbye' sort of text so I don't seem ignorant? I don't want to play games with her, but I feel sending a goodbye text to close the conversation seems pointless as we've only sent one reply to each other day (despite the conversation being continued from yesterdays)


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  • I don't really know what to tell you since you aren't into long text conversations. If you were, and you wanted to keep talking to her, I'd say to just come up with a change of subject, maybe something you know she likes.

    But since you're not, I would just not reply until you come up with something you want to talk to her about and then just start a new conversation.


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