Is this a date? I honestly can't tell.

Okay, so me and my guy friend (also whom I like) have made plans to get together soon. We're both musicians: I sing and he plays piano. Anyway, we're going to have a jam session and then hang out for the rest of the day watching movies and probably getting food.

He's the one the brought it all up and asked me when I'm free and stuff. It's just going to be the two of us (we've never hung out ALONE together.) And we've been texting a lot.

So, just a friend thing, or is this a date?

This guy is kind if shy when it comes to girls too.


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  • What PoeticNinja said.

    Also Of course it's complicated. He could really like you but not consider it a date. Or he could like you only a tiny bit and consider it a date.

    Rather than worrying about it, why not take that opportunity to get closer to him? Compliment him, laugh at his jokes, touch him. In other words, flirt with him. If he's a shy guy, me may be too scared to make the first move. If you make him feel good being around you, he'll want you more.


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  • You can always ask him.

    Or try to say it in a playful manner.

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