I sent her a good morning text, and her response was...

haha I was at place X.

Is she not interested? She is shy and has been hot/cold for quite a while. She usually sends a lot of ":p" and "haha" via text and tries to keep the convo going, although she never starts it.

And I was teasing her for still having to be in class too when I sent it.

What should I do next?


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  • She’s probably jus having fun and playing the field. Or she has feelings for you but isn’t sure if she should go for it and date you.

    • It's probably the second one, as she has never dated before. Should I keep pushing on or should I back off and see if she contacts me over the break?

    • i say baak off a little than if she never reply than try to contact her

  • wow no good morning back, sounds like she is trying to blow you off.


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