Why is he doing this?

Is he ignoring me? Why?

It's been a few days since I heard from him, one evening he texts with a new number telling me that he got a new phone and that's his new number. He also said he missed me a lot and wanted to see me. I was tired and had work the next day so I told him I didn't feel like going anywhere. He said it was alright and we talked for a bit, then I told him I was gonna go sleep, blah blah. Then a couple days later (last night), I texted him telling him I miss him and hoping his day went well. He didn't reply, hasn't texted me today either. Normally he'd text back almost immediately or by worse, hmu the next day.

- been talking / seeing each other for a few months, he was the first to say he likes me a lot and wanted to start a relationship, if that matters -

I know his phone's working cause I had one of our mutual friends call him.


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  • A lot of things could be going on.

    1. He switched back to his old phone

    2. He is upset that he couldn't see you

    3. He doesn't want to seem like a doormat

    4. The new phone probably was not him

    5. He lost his new phone

    6. His new phone is lame

    7. He's in hospital

    8. He broke his phone or damaged it

    9. He doesn't feel like talking

    10. He's not noticing it

    ...and more.


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