How can I hang out with her more?

so there's a girl that I've become extremely good friends with over this past school year and I have developed strong feelings for her. I go to a school outside of my district and its about a 30 minutes drive away so walking would take a while. I don't have a car and am about to get my learners permit. she lives right by the school, so I was just looking for some suggestions on what I can do to hang out with her more as its hard to get around.


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  • Maybe hang out with her after school on days you don't have sports. Do you have a friend that can drive you to her house or maybe your parents can drop you off and you guys can have a date near her house. Or she can catch a ride to your house and you guys can hang out in your neighborhood

  • Hang out after school on fridays

    • I would but I play in a friday night basketball league with a bunch of my friends, I have invited her to some of them though because she's friends with a bunch of the people playing.

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