Priorities; what do you think about them?

How are you prioritizing your life? Personally, professionally, sexually?

Which of these are most important to you?

Also, Do you guys think it's better to find a girlfriend for a long term relationship while I'm still in college or wait till I graduate?

I'm currently seeing this girl we are not dating Because I don't want to date and hurt her emotionally! - I told her that straight up! Nonetheless she keeps pressing me that we should date. Etc. what to do?


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  • 1. If it was up to me I would put my relationship first, then my college, then my temporary job. However, due to events that have happened and the fact that this is real life, I spend the majority of my time on college, then my temporary job, THEN my relationship. it isn't my choice, but you gotta do what you gotta do to reach your goals. and my goal is for my relationship to be on the top of the list. but it can never start out that way...

    2. the most important to me is my relationship. (we plan on getting married in a year) but in order to be with him I have to deal with the other stuff first... haha, life's a b*tch

    3. I believe that you should only date someone if you see them as a potential wife or husband. if you don't see yourself living with her for the rest of your life then end it. if you think it's possible for her to become your wife then give it a chance. because something like that always deserves a chance. the time that it happens is really irrelevant the way I see it.

    If she keeps pressing you and you don't feel up to it then end it. You aren't being fair to her or you. It's simple really, either be with her, or don't. love doesn't have a calender, sometimes the right one falls into your life at the worst possible time, and there isn't anything wrong with that. it's whether you're willing to make it work, or drop it and try with someone else later. because there's never any guarantee that the other person will stick around for you to change your mind and give them a chance.

    good luck and God speed.


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  • I definitely don't have my priorities in order.

    Personal life tends to come first - fun, partying, goofing around, etc. I need to place a stronger emphasis on studying and stuff, but I just can't find it in me to give a sh*t. I'm slowly getting into the dating scene.

    I think the fact that you're doubting getting into a relationship probably signifies that you don't want it enough. I think you should probably end things with the girl though, cos she clearly wants something you aren't prepared to give her.

  • wait til you graduate.


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  • 1. Don't say no to a good thing. You gave her a fair warning - she still wants it, give it to her. She might be okay with a short term relationship or she may think you will stick around and she may be right.

    2. It is about the right person more than the timing. It is better to end up with an almost perfect match for you at a random and perhaps inconvenient time, rather than find someone sort of compatible at the perfect time.

  • 1) My studies are at the top of my list, then my girlfriend.

    2) My studies are most important.

    3) I'm in a long term relationship and I would personally say if you have the choice, wait until you graduate. Getting a girlfriend is good in college, have fun, but don't put a relationship over your studies. The wage you get after college will be there all your life, your college girlfriend most likely won't be. What I'm saying is, date her more, if you like her go out with her. Just make sure your head is in the right place.

  • I try to prioritize everything in my life, even my day-to-day activities.

    I think it's better to date and sleep with a lot of girls when you're young. Then start properly looking for a girl to settle down with (if you want to settle down) in your 30s.