How do 20 year olds date? How do 30 year olds date? is there a difference?

In your experience, have you noticed a difference in dating styles between 20s and 30s?

Why I'm asking: I'm 21, and was in a relationship for the last 3 years. Now I'm single and getting into dating again but I have no idea how lol. All I know how to do is like hang out and watch a movie and make out.

Also, I have this friend who's 30 and he likes me...we went on one kinda impromptu date for dinner but I have no idea what happens now. I mean if he was closer to my age I'd probably go with the "come over and watch a movie with me" thing but I don't know if that's what he thinks dating is...also don't say just ask him haha. We're still in the awkward first date stage.


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  • One thing in which dating when you're 20 vs when you're 30 is probably the seriousness in a sense. As you said, a 21 year old date would often include movies, making out, down to the beach, etc., whereas a 30 year old one would entail going out for dinner, museums, etc.

    Of course these things aren't exclusive to their age-groups, just more pronounced. As for whether or not you should invite your 30 year old friend for a movie date, I really don't see why not.

    Even if it was a serious relationship, I don't think it would be a good sign if you couldn't even watch a movie together, as if that's not 'adult' or 'serious' enough. Of course, this movie watching doesn't have to include mostly hooking up, at least not the first time.

    You'll kind of have to feel out the situation, but don't feel as though the age difference would affect it all that much at least in this case. Remember that it's most important that you feel comfortable and yourself with him, and if you don't, he's just not right for you at the moment.


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