I am so confused, what should I do/say?

So me and a friend have recently started messaging each other on Facebook, and we've exchanged numbers and set up a date to hang out. The only thing is that I have a boyfriend but I feel as if I'm falling for the other guy again. Me and the other guy used to talk, and flirt but never legitimately went together. After we lost communication I never stopped thinking about him, and ended up in crappy relationships I believe to get that same feeling I had with him through someone else. The reason why I feel like I'm possibly falling out of love with my boyfriend is because he doesn't have a job, hasn't even tried looking for one, he didn't graduate high school, and the fact that he is always broke and I'm always stuck paying for our dates. But on the other hand my friend has a full time job, is in college, and is determined to make something of myself, and that is something me and him have in common. He knows I have a boyfriend and he told me that he has been single for a while because he is done searching for the right one and getting nothing so he's waiting for them to come to him. He said that I just need to figure out what I want, and I have a feeling it's him. But I don't want to say anything until I know he feels the same. He hasn't given me any hints, we recently started talking on the phone but not very often and we text here and there, when we first had scheduled us hanging out he cancelled but he gave the option of rescheduling. It's just going to be me and him, and I don't know whether to take this as a date and actually say something to him about how I feel, or is it just an outing between friends and I should just enjoy my time. I just need some real, hardcore, and truthful advice about this.


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  • What's the reason you started messaging on fb etc? Maybe those feelings from the past are coming back? Your boyfriend is peeing you off so the grass will seem greener on the other side. It's not fair to be leading your boyfriend and your friend on. Sort things out with your boyfriend or leave him if they can't be resolved. With the other guy, don't rush things.

    • He's back from college and he said he has nothing to do but work and that we haven't talked in a while so that's basically all we've been talking about. We don't text or talk often though. And that is true I shouldn't lead them on. Maybe sitting down and talking to my boyfriend will help me a little bit before I leave for college. Thanks!

    • Sometimes you just need to tell him the issues. Be real. He should be able to accept and appreciate what you have to say.

  • what you are doing is emotionally cheating behind your boyfriends back...u need to end one relationship before pursuing another,his not having a job and stuff should not be a reason for you to sneak around,it should be enough of a reason to dump his ass,with or without a new beau