When a girl that likes you doesn't text you back?

When a girl that likes you doesn't text you back after two days?

She told me after Memorial Day we would be able to talk more. Well its been three days and she has yet to text me back. I've been texting her for going on three days now. I haven't been able to sleep because I'm worried about her because I'm scared something happened to her. So what do I do?


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  • Sometimes women hold back because we still fear being labeled a "slut" just for being brave enough to send a freaking text message. Double standards suck by the way. Anyways, text her once, say "Hey I miss talking to you. Text me back if you're into me." Then drop it. Once is enough, twice is needy, and three times is stalking. If she doesn't text back then she may be playing you or just simply not interested, either way you don't want a woman like that. If she's the shy type, she would text you back after letting her know you're into her- shy girls just need confirmation that it's OK to hand over her heart to you, that you won't stomp on it.

    • Up to that point we were talking everyday even when she was busy we talked a little.

      She wouldn't just stop talking without giving me a reason

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  • Did you maybe try texting her first? She might be just waiting for you to text her first because she doesn't wanna seem desperate or easy. If you did text her 2 days ago and she still hasn't replied, I'd say give her about one more day and if she still doesn't reply, she just might not be interested in you anymore.

    • Yes I've been texting her for two days straight

    • And she still hasn't replied? Then my guess is she's no longer interested in you. If she liked you, she probably would have explained to you why she cannot be texting you these days. I mean, sending a single text with a short explanation only takes a few seconds.

    • She could of at least told me if she wasnt

  • she is waiting on you to text her bk she doesn't wanna seem desperate

    • I've been texting her for two days

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    • She did say after memorial day we'll talk more but she didn't say right after memorial day. Maybe next week will be better.

      If she's not that into me anymore she could of at least tell me so I don't have to worry about her.

      She actually really likes me enough not to hurt me because she's been hurt in the past

    • I know the feeling , but stop having so much expectations from people. That is why we get hurt. Trust and believe in yourself at the end of the day is you. Don't beat yourself up to much hun. There is more to life, someone out there will love you unconditionally

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  • Nothing happened to her. She could be legitimately busy or not that into you.

    • If that's the case she could at least tell me. But I'm 99.9% sure she likes me.

      I'm thinking she is busy still.

    • Then let it ride. If she's doing a fade on you, you'll know it in a few days.

  • It means she's busy or she lost her phone.