How does he feel about me?

We have known each other for almost a year now, we're in the same class. We clicked from the beginning I think but it took me a drama project to have the nerves to talk to him online. From then on I got his number and we started having random whatsapp converaations all night long. We went on a sort of date (I'm not sure if it was a date or not), and planned on doing more together but due to school and the fact I felt like I was annoying him, we never did. Now it's almost the end of the school year, which he is going to fail so we won't be in the same class anymore, I've liked him for most of the year now and I really wonder if he actually likes me and I should make any move forward, since our interaction's been going on and off all the time lately. So I made up a sort of list of pro's and cons, but I'm not really sure what points are more important and all that.

So basically I want to know if he likes/d me and what to do.

Thanks a lot!

+ He said I'm the girl he knows best and talks to most of our class multiple times

+ He said he liked talking to me a lot, gives me compliments on really random things

- I was the one to initiate conversations, he did probably twice

- He's a really social guy

- Sometimes he just kind of ignores me or is mean-ish to me

+ we went on a date, he came up with where and what (life of pi), paid, picked me up

- I'm not sure if it was a date, he never called it that (it was daytime, nothing happend, barely said goodbyes afterwards)

- I jokingly mentioned hanging out before, he might have felt forced to ask me to chill

+ we have eyecontact in class a lot for a long time

- he told me about past loves, some secrets of his and all that. Friend-ish? I asked about it though

+ his description of how "guys" according to him get to a girl was pretty similar to how we started talking

+ he told a friend of mine he liked me...

-... To talk to late at night. He wasn't sure how he'd feel about dating me (he told this thinking I wouldn't know, to a friend of mine he's not close with)

I probably forgot a lot so I'll update, kisses!

So we talked again since a really long time and I asked him if he was still going to teach me sailing, which he promised a really long timeago but couldn't because of the weather, and he responded very enthousiastically. Then he was all weird, asking me if he should change his profile photo and telling about him camping with his soccerteam and sleeping in a tent next to the girls' tent and then he *poof* ledt again to go to bed.


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  • Hey! I'm havin the exact situation as you! I spend all day and night talking to this guy who makes me feel special online and takes me out. Me and this guy have never called I a date but I think they might be. Sometimes he is so mean, others he's so sweet! Do you ever message him and him not reply then you worry that you're annoying him? I get that all the time.

    I spent a lot of time trying to figure out if he liked me. I didn't know if we were but close/good friends or if we were an item. I only had one way to figure out. I stopped talking to him as much. If he keeps trying to talk to you then he doesn't want to stop (talking). I stopped all interaction with him for a week. At The end of the week he told me that he missed talking to me and that he couldn't bare it. Now we're a couple! It's great! Try it. If at the end of the week he doesn't care then he's not worth your time!

    Hope it helps!


    Hannah xx

    • Hey, that's exactly what's happening in my situation. I already did the no talking thing, and he didn't initiate a convo, because, like I said, he never does. Point is, when.I did again, he said it was a long time ago we talked and that he was happy to talk to me again!? This only confused me more hahaha :(

    • I think as embarrassing as it is you should ask him straight. Trust me in times like this that's all there is to do!

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  • He likes you.


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