What is your father like? Mother? What about the people you dated?

If you are a female what is your father like? What type of guys did you gain feelings for

If you're a make what is you mom like? What kind of girl did you fall for?

My dad always treated me like a princess for the most part. My mom told me he abused her and was angry

I tend to always go for anger men, men in prison and drug addicts

I had a problems with addiction though

I still do, so finding a guy like that is kind if a connection


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  • My dad is full of life. He is fully sanguine. His drive for life is incredible. He is 57, looks like he's 29, is a world traveler, and a hard worker. He and I see eye to eye on just about everything. He is a good listener...is a little awkward when giving advice (I'm his eldest and a girl so I cut him some slack), he's funny, playful, and is a great father. He and my mother have been married for 23 years and he has never once done anything too bad. The worst thing he does is smoke cigarettes. He is highly intelligent, has an awesome sense of humor, and is very supportive of everything my siblings, I, or my mother choose to do. He's highly intelligent, caring, loving, and just an all around awesome man.

    My boyfriend, and the guys I tend to go for are also full of life. My boyfriend and my dad actually have very similar senses of humor, my boyfriend is also very sanguine, only he's a mix of sanguine and cleric whereas my dad is fully sanguine. My boyfriend is also very ambitious like my dad. In fact, they're actually very very similar. Except for the fact that my boyfriend does not smoke because I can't stand the smell, and he's about five inches taller than my dad...they have the same values, and moral upbringing...oh gosh, I'm dating my dad!

    Which most girls would freak out about, but my dad is like my best friend and the best man I know, so if I can find a man half as good as him, I will have found an incredible man.

    I, however, am absolutely nothing like my boyfriend's mother.

    Sanguine and Cleric are two of the four personalities. Feel free to google them if you want more information about their characteristics.


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  • i end up going for girls who somehow share traits with my mom, but there coincidences... right!?!

  • My parents are quite respectful of each other.


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  • My father is.. complicated. He's loving, funny and clever, but he can be a total jerk and refuses to accept responsibility for his mistakes. I had a troubled childhood because of him, but I love him and get along with him well. He's very proud of me.

    None of the men I've dated are like my father. In fact, none of them are like one another either.

  • Great observation. This is actually known as the oedipus and electra complex.

    Boys tend to fall in love with women similar to their mother and girls tend to fall in loev with men similar to their father.

    I have also experienced some truth of this throughout my life. And my dad also used to treat me like a princess, but abused my mother throughout my childhood. I guess you can say that as a result I'm a fan of rough sex and sh*t like that lol. And more aggressive men. Crazy sh*t man

    • Oh wow same. I love being choked

    • Yea. I know what you mean when you say finding a badass guy like that is kind of a connection. As I came to my senses and started dating a man with a good soul who treats me amazingly and is against violence (but he's still rough in bed so he made the cut, lol), and as much as I love our relationship, sometimes I feel like I need a man who is just as cold hearted as I am sometimes, so he can understand me and connect with me on that level when we talk about the world and sh*t.

  • my dad is very loud, opinionated, pretty aggressive.

    i go for guys who have those similar traits most of the time.