How much contact should you have before a first date that's a week away?

So this past weekend I met a girl out at a bar and hit it off very well with her. I ended up staying the night at her place. The next day we got lunch and I thought she was worth asking out so I got her number.

I figured I'd better ask her out soon so she knew I wasn't just a random guy who only was in it for a one night deal, so 2 days after I texted her and after a few exchanges asked if she wanted to grab dinner. She agreed and I told her I'd touch base with her later on the details.

The problem is that I knew she was working late this week (nurse) and I am out of town this weekend, so when I asked her I said that I knew she was working and that I was out of town, so how about getting together next week. She said that she works Mon-Wed so Thursday or Friday would work. I opted for Friday.

So my dilemma is that the date is a week away. I typically set up dates with in 4 days out not 8 or 9. So now know I'm going to reach out to her next week to touch base and confirm probably like Monday or Tuesday, but there's so many days in between I'm trying to figure out if I should be texting her between to keep up contact/interest?

Part of me thinks I have to because of how much time between now and then there is but another part of me thinks that too much contact takes away from the date and might kill some of her interest.

Anyone have any ideas on this or experience with a first date or early date being a week or more out?


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  • Often.