Why are some black guys so obsessed with dating non black girls? Are they mad at black girls?

Seriously, what is the deal? There are some black guys who have zero interest in dating black girls. Black girls I know complain about it all of the time, and they don't understand. Are the black guys who are always going out of their way to date a white girl, even if she is nowhere near as pretty as a black girl simply because she is white, just not into black girls?

I see black guys with fat or trashy white girls often and think they could get way better than her, and the black girls I am friends with agree but are a lot meaner about it. Are they mad at black girls? Or do they think dating a white girl is like having a fancy car or something?

Please do not post racial insults. This is not talking about all black guys by any means, and I realize everyone has their own attractions. I am talking about the group of black guys who never seem to date black girls, and have no interest in them, and often date white girls who I think they are honestly way better than.


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  • This reminds me of a couple guys I know.

    1. My uncle loves blond white women. I have never even seen him with a biracial, triracial, or even a white brunette. She has to be pale and blond. I don't know why he's like that, but he doesn't have many black friends either and seems to prefer the company of whites in general. He's kind of a "Carlton Banks" type lol

    2. All of my friend's older brother's baby mammas are white and all of his kids are mixed (derr!). I like him as a person but I don't like being around him when he talks to his current girlfriend. He talks so bad to her and even yells at her in front of people. Not too many black girls are gonna let you talk to them like that and just sit there with their head down. I know he's attracted to black girls, but his personality would not be compatible with the majority of girls at all.

    3. Obnoxious guy I went to school with. He always used to date ugly non-black girls. I'm not saying it to be mean, but those girls were not cute. He wasn't cute either and was bitter about it. He'd say things like he can't date black girls because we're all ghetto (in front of black girls, how rude!) yet he had a crush on my friend who is classy and educated. He was heavily into Japanese comics so typically ended up with white girls who liked that stuff too.

    • yup its all about preference..i date black men..im Spanish..i haven't dated other than,its a preference...no rules on who we should date and its only an issue to people who don't understand

    • Good point about talking down to a girl. For whatever reason, white girls have the lowest self esteem and put up with the worst treatment of any race of girls I have ever seen. The black girls I know would probably beat up their men if they got talked to like that lmao

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  • There are many reasons for this.First,It could be a preference or they just can't help themselves being attracted to certain races.This is also called opposite attraction.

    Second,It could be a secret self hating issue.If he said he finds 'very few' black girls that attract him then its fine but if he said he isn't attracted to them 'entirely' then yes he has self hate issue.I mean how come there are millions of black girls in this world and he can't even attracted to at least one or two of them? This is sick.Obviously he doesn't like the way he looks and he doesn't want his babies to look similar like him.

    Third,he could be more comfortable and getting along with non Black girls.Maybe he feels like they understand him more than Black girls.

    Everyone has their own reason though but among all of these 3 reasons I kinda feel like the second reason is applied to most of them.Of course there is always some exceptions depending on the individual :)

    • But what about the black guys who would rather date a huge trailer trash white girl over a cute black girl? You know exactly what I am talking about. lol

    • Its a 'gift' or 'trophy' to them even though those white girls are fat.ugly, messy or whatever.It also has something to do with status.

  • People like what they like. I honestly cannot stand when a black woman gets angry because women of other races are "stealing their men". Just because they're the same race as you doesn't mean that you can claim them as yours. Also, that whole "fat and trashy" comment is rude. Just because you perceive them to be those things means they don't deserve to be in a relationship? Some people are only attracted to certain races. Just because it isn't their own that they're attracted to doesn't make them wrong. If there was a black guy who only ever dated black girls you wouldn't say "Why doesn't he date women of any other race? Is he mad at them?", so why is it okay to say the opposite? Sorry for going on a mini-rant, but this topic is personal to me.

    • I think the black girls calling a black guy a "sell out to his race" are absolutely stupid. As are as seeing some black guys with trashy white girls, it isn't what I perceive, and anyone who is honest knows exactly what I am talking about. I have seen this all over the country in multiple states and multiple cities. My point isn't about all black guys, it is about the ones who would prefer trashy fat white girls to much more attractive black girls, and I wondered why.

    • That's apparently what they're attracted to. Everyone has different ideas of what's beautiful.

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  • I can't post links but go to YouTube type ibeshucks it's his channel he has a video explaining this very question.

  • No. They just have preference.

  • I'm just not as attracted to black women as I am to Latinas. I will say that since me and my mother don't have the best relationship subconsciously I may just be trying to avoid someone who may be like her

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