Girl breaks up with me but then wants to talk. Why?

So I started dating this girl. And we dated for like 3 weeks which is pretty short but we knew each other for like 4 months before this. And she broke up with me and she said she broke up with me because she didn't want to get hurt (which is the last thing I would ever do to her) And that whenever she gets close to someone that she pushes them away because she is trying to protect herself. But by doing this all she really hurt was me. And she new I really liked her and she was the one who confronted me about dating. But after that we didn't talk for about 2 weeks but then all of a sudden she really wants to talk to me and she keeps saying how she is sorry and how she feels bad about all of this. Is she just giving me pity or does this mean something else? Why would she do this because I know she has never been hurt before at least not badly. Why would she break up with me then all of a sudden want to talk to me? And so she was texting me a bit and I didn't respond and I guess she went to a lot of my friends asking why I wasn't talking to her. Why go through all this trouble to go out with me then dump me and then make a big deal to talk to me?


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  • For girls, talking is like sex. It's the thing they love to do.

    By getting you to talk profusely, without the relationshippy baggage, she's getting what she wants and minimising her risk of being hurt.

    You're basically giving her what she wants.

    You're like the girl in a sex-only relationship.

    I'd say the same to you, as I would to a girl in that sort of relationship - you're being used. Get out.


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  • I wouldn't bother giving the pleasure of your company. If she doesn't want to get hurt, then let her be on her own.

  • She just want some closure perhaps.

    • I don't know. Possibly she has been going through a bit.