I really need advise plz!

So I broke up with my boyfriend Tuesday, we said really hurtful things to each other. I hadn't heard from him till last night. I got this text:

Please forgive me because its late, but I must say I reacted wrongly on Tuesday. I should not have been harsh. I can accept us not being together anymore and just like you said you don't want to hand on to me if I don't want to well neither do i. I wold rather end it not being happy together than to be together miserable. I understand my flaws and who I am and I know I'm me and this is who I am.It will be tough on the kids not seeing me anymore but good thing is that they are young and your a strong woman.i will miss you and the kids. I want you to know I appreciate what you have done for me and you are a great person we just simply clash and don't see eye to eye and its just part of life. I told you long time ago that if we decided to not to be together anymore lets tell each other rather than hurt one another. Its never easy saying good bye and if we have to go our separate ways I didn't want to do it on harmful or angry terms. I truly want you and the kids to have the best. Good night.

That was his text. I love him and my question is, did I lose him forever? The kids are must mine, not his...previous marriage

Sorry for all the mispelling but I had to type in a rush


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  • You broke up with him. Why would you be worried about losing him?


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  • It depends how you feel about it x

    Did any part of the relation enharnce your life (I'm not talking money or material.) But happyness and the feeling of wholeness. If not then your just feeling the natural grieve that follows any loss x so don't read in to it unless you want that relationship back x

  • You should send him a text back asking him if he is moving on

  • I wouldn't say you've lost him forever, but he does seem to feel you two aren't a fit? Did you respond? What caused you to break up with him?