Men and ladies: How stressful is it to be the 'best man'/'maid of honour' and 'mc' at a wedding?

I am just wondering:

For those of you who have been a best man or maid of honour for a wedding as well as the MC, how stressful was it?

Was it stressful enough to have to put dating on hold?

The guy that I am casually seeing has this role. We have been on 6 dates. When we first started seeing each other he would initiate and everything...ever sense date 5 I've started initiating and we've been going out every other week and been on 7 dates so far. Whenever he can't do a certain day he always texts me back to reschedule. The wedding is in a week and he also works full time.

What are your thoughts on this? Is he genuinely BUSY (I have noooo idea how stressful such a wedding role is) or just lacking interest?

*We have not had sex


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  • hummm people who organise their weddings still have to work and run a family/household.

    This guy is not the one getting married so if I were you I'd fill my diary up with things to do as well. If he wants you then he will make a effort to find another date.

    It sounds as if he's being honest (which means he's sh*t at juggling things) At least he's calling you back! But make sure you are just as busy with your own hobbies and life, otherwise you'll start feeling paranoid and bunny boilerish xxxxx

  • Since he texts to reschedule it sounds alright. It's still too early to be seeing each other all the time.