We used to talk everyday but now he won't speak to me anymore, is it me?

Okay to make a long story short, we met online (a social website where you can meet friends and find dates) but never met in person but we've been talking for about two weeks. Anyway although we talked quite a bit but a lot of times, we don't be on the website at the same time. So he finally said something about it and asked if we can text instead so I said okay and messaged him my phone number for him to text me.

He never text or got back to me and the reason I know is because when you first log on, it'll tell you weather you got any messages or updates but I haven't received any and when I clicked on his profile name, it said that he was online (which was hours after and the same day I messaged him my phone number and haven't heard from him the entire day.

So two days later, I messaged him saying " hey you never text, what happened?" And still no response. What went wrong here? Did he loose interest in me or is he ignoring me? Or what should I say to him the next time he message me? We liked each other everything was going fine and still haven't heard from him.



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  • don't text him anymore. he knows how to contact you. move on. he changed his mind or something. No it is not you.


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