What is it about me?

What is is about me that gives guys the impression that I'm good enough to fool around with but not good enough to date? I don't understand it's not like I'm a slut and have a reputation of getting around I'm a freaking virgin for goodness sakes and yet every time I start liking a guy and things seem to be going well between us he brings up friends with benefits and its not like its only happened once it happens over and over again not to sound conceited or anything but I'm a pretty cool chick and I have average looks I have a good sense of humor and just go with the flow personality I might curse a little more than most girls but the guys I hang out with don't mind I just don't understand what it is about me that makes guys not want to date me


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  • It seems that you're the hot girl.


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  • I think a lot of people go through the same thing. I think you just happen to be coming across guys who want mostly a booty call rather than a real relationship.

    I recently started dating again and have come across a handful of guys who ended up only wanting to fool around with me. There have also been a handful of guys who have taken me seriously and never once brought up fooling around. I think it is human nature to want to sleep with someone you are attracted to though. Some people are just more bold than others.

    With the guys who tried to only fool around with me I made it very clear to them I wasn't that kind of girl. all of the guys but one left. The one who stayed around has since 'snapped out of it' I guess you could say and realized I was the real deal. We still continue to talk, and this time around we have more in depth convos.

    Just a matter of finding the right ones. Nothing to do with your personality or looks.