Did I do the wrong thing or am I in the right for not wanting to waste time?

There's a girl I like at my place of work and we talk an awful lot for being just friends, I try to text her at least once every other day if not more, and I sort of caught feelings after she started telling me some of her personal problems. I've hinted around at hanging out on multiple occasions, but was just met up with a "That'd be cool." I never know what to think, but I had asked her out to lunch and a movie on two separate days, and she can't ever just say no. She has an excuse as to why or she'll ignore a text that asks that, but she is the one who seems to be flirting with me. She recently got out of a pretty heavy relationship, five years with a kid, and they almost got married. We even planned to hang out one day before she broke it off, which I thought was weird she accepted, but of course the guy decided to come back and reconcile that day, which didn't work if she was telling the truth. Recently, I texted and asked her if she wanted to hang out on one of her days off and I could come over and order pizza and watch a movie or something, something simple and it's not like I mind spending money on her. She just left me hanging so I was thinking "Whatever", and just said good night. The next morning, I was a little p*ssed off by the fact that she couldn't just tell me no. I texted her that I wish she would just take the initiative to say no, it's not like I was going to stop being her friend, and there wouldn't be any hard feelings. I felt bad afterwards, but I don't want to be played like a Nintendo. I don't want to be just the shoulder to cry on, I already let her know I liked her, big mistake I know. So am I in the wrong for doing this?


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  • No, screw her. If you make an effort to see someone, and send them messages or ask them, and they completely ignore them, then screw them. You are completely in the right.