Kissing. I have no idea??

well recently this guy I like and I have been talking a lot about kissing. I think we are going to kiss but I haven't kissed anyone and he has. I feel like this makes things awkward. and I don't know how to kiss and I'm scared I'm going to be super bad at it. I don't want to look bad with this guy because he's like my best friend and he's finally starting to like me.


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  • Relax... there's nothing to it.

    The most important thing is always to do it like you mean it. Have fun... be SENSUAL... and pay attention to what the other person is doing... don't slobber. ha ha

    It is like a dance of lips and tongues. There are pretty much only 2 bad ways of kissing... with hard, stiff lips like an old dried out granny giving "pecks"... very unsexy...

    ...or just opening your mouth... and nothing else. 2 girls did this in my past and they memorably stood out... in an unfortunate way.

    The sexy and sensual way to kiss starts with soft lips which caress and press into his- both upper and lower, singly or together... but nearly immediately seguing (look it up) into slightly opened lips, "nibbling" on either of his with yours... and slithering your tongue in to meet his. This sexy meeting of lips and tongues is what it's about. You tongue wrestle a bit as well as with your lips. You follow his lead and he follows yours. It will become much more clear once you start.

    After some times of "practicing", if you EVER sense that it's not going well at all- don't be scared or nervous to ask him to show you what he likes... and how he enjoys it. This little bit of info here should get you well on your way, tho. Most important: be in the moment... and enjoy!

    It's a lot easier to show than describe. As things heat up, don't be afraid to give his lower lip a gentle, but passionate little nip with your teeth if you'd like to get something happening down below... on him.

    If this boy is your best friend (I am simply so glad to hear this... one hears it all too rarely on this site that someone's boyfriend or lover is also their best friend... as it should be, ultimately) then he will just be happy and delighted to be kissing you at all.

    You cannot and will not look (or feel) bad if you follow the above advice.

    Kissing is the ultimate pas de deux... a duet between two lovers. Kissing well is seriously one of the sexiest things you can ever do. Everyone starts out a little rocky at first- so relax. It's no big deal.

    Practice makes perfect... so get practicing! Have fun!


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