What is wrong with this guy-i can't figure him out

i dated a guy for 2 months and we ended badly-4 months later I tell him life is too short to have grudges and wanted to see if he wanted be hook up buddies-he said yes and said he wished we didn't have a falling out because he liked spending time w me and it would be great to see me-so last weekend he said he'd be coming back from vegas but mon we could lay by the pool etc...then he also said his weekend was free this weekend-so I knew he was gonna be hung over mon -but he said he was sick because he didn't sleep for 3 days in vegas, drank, and did some drugs recreationally...so we hooked up and it was bad he lasted like only 5 min and then he said he was feeling sick and nauseous...he said sorry but he didn't think he could go again or lay out by the pool-he said he needed food and to sleep and wanted to know if he slept now til tomorrow if he'd still feel sick-i said OK ill leave-he said his parents were flying in sun for his friends birthday so we could hang sat-i was kinda pissed because it was like not worth my time going over hooking up and not getting any pleasure and I was just annoyed but I didn't tell him-instead I texted him hope you feel better-he said thanks drive safe-during the week I texted him jokingly saying it needed to be much better next time etc...he said he was just starting to feel better-then later on the week I texted him asking if he'd be down to go hiking on sat if we hung out-he said he talked to his parents and they were flying in sat so I said OK your gonna miss my abs-and I sent a pic of my abs because my abs are ripped (we have sent pics before) he read it and never responded...im just confused because it sounds like he's lying yet he was the one who said he wished we didn't have a falling out-i also tried re adding him on fb and he has me pending for a week now-he was mad when I deleted him a while back---like is he still bitter-is he full of sh** or is he being honest-i doubt it's the last.


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  • He's just being honest.


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  • Well, I am not sure what you are hoping for. You did tell him you would be hook-up buds with him. That means you are not together and he doesn't have to take you out/spend time with you etc. I realize he said he liked spending time with you, but at this point he sees you as super willing to give out to him.

    I would stop contacting him. If after a bit he calls/texts and actually asks you to do something (in advance) then go for it. Stop contacting him though. You seem like more than a hook-up buddy. Don't put yourself in that position if you want more.

    • well I told him before I wanted a guy to be no drama someone to hang out go to the beach etc and casually hook up because I was sick of dating and the getting to know someone (that whole process) but I know what you are saying-

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    • yea and I don't know at all what he wants and ill never know

    • im sure he's avoiding me-watever over it-not worth it lol