Girls - if youve been texting a guy a lot lately cause you like him, what would make you suddenly not reply?

Cant figure it out; Me and this girl have been texting a lot lately (4-6hr conversations usually) and things have been going great, moving slow because of college pressures, exams etc but now we're both free for summer. Suddenly she starts to ignore me? I text her about 5 days ago and nothing, so I thought OK prob busy so I text again today and still nothing. I don't understand what I did wrong here?

was thinking of getting onto a mutual friend of ours...just to see if she lost her phone or something? Head is wrecked over this :(


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  • it could be that you did something that upset her but you just don't know what it is..

    • @update: aww :(.. hmm contacting a mutual friend would be a good idea cause maybe she shared something to her.

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    • No neither of us suggested stopping contact because of college stuff, we kept up contact a lot but haven't seen each other in weeks because of exams and stuff. Normally Id wait a few days in between to contact her just to give her a bit of space. She's also shy so that's why I didn't want to crowd her. She texted me last Friday 24th (replying to my last text thurs nite-she ran out of credit) to say how great it was to be finally finished. So confused...somehow I have probably messed this up

    • yeah I think it's too early to ask a friend and chances of losing a phone is pretty low so most likely she did not reply cause she did not want to. you already send her a message today, I think that's enough. wait a few more days then you can ask your common friend casually how she is doing.. might as well prepare yourself also of the idea that she might not be interested with you anymore.

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  • Well, you see there's Is a guy who tends to text me a lot too. (He doesn't like me but My boyfriend gets jelly lol ) anyways, I tend not to answer him a lot because I'm really really busy and it's most likely that. Like I have chores to do and stuff and well yea a girls schedule may not seem that busy but it is. Also, consider that maybe she doesn't want to talk. I mean girls my age (17) get very ... Uh emotional with things yea lets put it that way. Maybe she doesn't want to talk to anyone.

    • Thanks but I know she doesn't have a boyfriend, and I'm certain I didn't do anything to annoy her...we haven't even seen each other in 3 weeks.We're both in our mid 20's so I don't see why she should ignore me...oh well I guess Ill find out eventually when we meet again. Hopefully she's just busy but in fairness if you really like someone you always find time to make contact!

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  • He kind of got perverted.

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