Dated a guy for over a month and now ignores me why?

Hi. Just wanted some advice. I met a guy out clubbing one night we hit it off and went on a date 2 days later. He was a gentlemen our date was like a text book date of all the things a guy should do. He told me he liked me etc met up a good few times. I even met his parents and held hands in front of them. He even said to me he does not take many girls back to meet his parents so I took it as a good sign. We text each other all the time call etc. We went away for the weekend had a good time he seemed absolutely fine with me, no hint something was wrong. I decided not to meet him the next weekend just to give it a break and not to text too much so we don't get bored of each other. A week went by and didn't hear from him. I text him and said are we ok? He ignored me completely, after I sent another text he text back saying he was busy at work, which is bull as I saw his Facebook update status, so he had time to do that but not reply to me. Cut along story short I text him a few times asking what's wrong as he never has ignored me before I asked him if you don't want to see me any more just say, but still he ignored me. All he said is that he will text me and not to worry. I've not text him for 2 weeks now and I've heard nothing. I gave him so many chances to be honest with me I wasn't bothered if he didn't want to date me anymore I just wanted him to tell me that was what was wrong instead of point blank avoiding answering my questions. Why do guys do this? what's so hard in telling a girl your no longer interested instead of ignoring them in the hope they will go away. I think being ignored is worse I feel like its giving me a massive complex about myself as I keep thinking what have I done. I feel like its going to affect future dates that I may have. Has anyone else been had this happen to them? I know I should probs get over it as we had only been dating for over month but it baffles me. He was so nice and affectionate we held hands in public kissed etc got on well was just a gentlemen I honestly thought I met a good guy. Then no warning no explanation I just get ignored and I'm suppose to just deal with it. I'd never want him back now I just want to know what his problem is. Help!


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  • I would love to hear a guy answer on this one.

    But here's my two cents.

    I totally understand you wanting to at least know what the problem is, and I don't think you're wrong for wanting to know but I do not think you should continue texting someone who is ignoring you.

    It's not your job to try to figure out what is making HIM ignore you. The truth is, only he knows why.

    I mean you can sit and try to figure out a million reasons why he is and analyze everything you have done & said or analyze everything he has done and said and try to figure out which reason is the right one but you will only be more stressed and could still be wrong. you might even think ,"I know why he's ignoring me. It's because of XYZ reason and try to reach out to him hoping to change XYZ reason but end up digging a bigger hole for yourself.

    You should not have to send him anymore texts. & You should not wait around for him to text you back either.

    You should not have to stress yourself worrying about what went wrong.

    Focus on moving forward with your life. Yeah, I know it's not a good feeling and if things make a drastic change and he comes around then that's great but for now don't keep reaching out if your getting ignored.

    Enjoy your day :)

    • Thank you for your advice your 100% right, I shouldn't have to try and figure it out. I've come to the conclusion that he was just a playa, and played me very well. Your so right I will end up stressing out if I try to think of possibly reasons as to why he's ignoring me. He's not worth my time, I guess if he was bothered about me he would have been in contact by now. I shall now not waste anymore time thinking about that loser and move on to the next man!

      Thanks enjoy you day too :)

    • No problem!..we've all been there before. Thanks for BA.

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  • It means he found a new girl or you upset him


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  • he is being a jerk. he doesn't have the balls to be honest about dumping you. I had a similar situation. it hurts but move on.

    • I totally agree no real man would treat a women like this, they would be honest whether it was bad or not. Yeah it did hurt me for awhile but like you said move on. Definitely a lesson learnt!

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