My girlfriend still isn't comfortable

My girlfriend and I have been dating for over a year and a half, I lover dearly and we are steady having no real fights normally. We've been having sex for a little over a year now and I have run into a problem that makes me feel really selfish.

In bed, I do anything she would want me to do, but she is still inhibited about certain things, namely going down on me. Before anyone gets upidy about this, keep in mind that I do about 95% of the work and I go down on her all the time. I want her to go down on me so bad because its my favorite thing but she seems to hate it. If say that for every about 10 times I do it for her, she may do it once if that and never to completion.

Now this is where I start to feel like a jerk, I have been talking and pushing(only when were in the mood) for her to let me finish but she never will. She keeps telling me she will before my birthday, the next time we do anything, the next time she goes down on me, the next time she sees me, etc. but every time she either ignores it or gets scared and doesn't let me finish which is super frustrating and I show it to her.

We've talked about this but we always end up with the I'm just not ready conclusion which I am beginning to think is bs because we've been dating so long. It also frustrated me because I started doing it for her over a year ago and she's probably done down on me about ten times over the last year. I love her but it frustrates me on many levels that she's not comfortable with that but more importantly with me, what can I do? Why is she really doing this? It's been bugging me a lot this last month and I have no idea what else to do.

Thank you


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  • blow jobs usually are not very fun for girls, they are a lot of work and if you do it wrong it can tire out your neck and mouth really fast, and might take a long time for the guy to come and semen tastes really bad in large amounts. I used be like that, hate blow jobs and be terrible at them, I especially hated it when the guy would thrust into my mouth it would be painful and a turn off. But then I realized if I pace myself and just enjoy it, just kind of do what feels natural instead of simply doing the same movement over and over and relax and not worry so much about it. I am a lot better at it and the guy enjoys it more. She is probably just worried about her technique, and not being able to get you off. And the way you act is adding more anxiety to this situation, you say "blow job" she thinks difficult task I don't know how to perform correctly. going down on a guy is a lot harder than going down on a girl, because you have a hard object you have to squeeze with your mouth for an extended period of time and your lips get sore, blow jobs are really labor intensive. I had invent my own style of blow job for them to easy for me to do.


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  • She doesn't like blow jobs! Not really seeing the issue?

    If you want a woman who likes giving blowjobs go and find one.

    Some people are just not sexually connected and even though you guys have a great time together, sexual chemistry is just not the same with you too. You either accept that she doesn't want to give you a blow job in which case you'll end up frustrated and end up with pent up aggression. She'll end up holding pent up aggression and giving head on any side will just be one big argument.

    Ask her what she needs in order to let you have a blow job, If she is giving you head but now swollowing then you can't really get mad at her not every girl like the taste of cumx Cum on her boobs instead, then at least she can have a taste if she wants to.

  • How often do you go down on her? Every time you have sex? I feel your pain...I always give my man head. It's frustrating as hell he'll only do it if I bich a lot.. And it's always half assed. We've spoken about it and he claims he'll improve but he never does. You my friend are the male version of myself. They'll never change. What's sad is he admitted he'd always eat out his past gf.. Awesome. T-T


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  • It seems that she really isn't ready. If you can't hold it, find a new girl