My girlfriend still isn't comfortable

My girlfriend and I have been dating for over a year and a half, I lover dearly and we are steady having no real fights normally. We've been having sex for a little over a year now and I have run into a problem that makes me feel really selfish.

In bed, I do anything she would want me to do, but she is still inhibited about certain things, namely going down on me. Before anyone gets upidy about this, keep in mind that I do about 95% of the work and I go down on her all the time. I want her to go down on me so bad because its my favorite thing but she seems to hate it. If say that for every about 10 times I do it for her, she may do it once if that and never to completion.

Now this is where I start to feel like a jerk, I have been talking and pushing(only when were in the mood) for her to let me finish but she never will. She keeps telling me she will before my birthday, the next time we do anything, the next time she goes down on me, the next time she sees me, etc. but every time she either ignores it or gets scared and doesn't let me finish which is super frustrating and I show it to her.

We've talked about this but we always end up with the I'm just not ready conclusion which I am beginning to think is bs because we've been dating so long. It also frustrated me because I started doing it for her over a year ago and she's probably done down on me about ten times over the last year. I love her but it frustrates me on many levels that she's not comfortable with that but more importantly with me, what can I do? Why is she really doing this? It's been bugging me a lot this last month and I have no idea what else to do.

Thank you
My girlfriend still isn't comfortable
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