Should I stop trying?

I invited a girl out for dinner, she said yes right away, but every time we agreed to meet, something comes up for her and I end up moving the date.

Would it be possible that she is avoiding me, and that she wouldn't dare to say no to me, or is she really busy. I've been trying for 2 weeks.

We are not close friends, and I offered her an easy way out, I told her that it was OK if she refused to eat With me, that there wouldn't be any Hard feelings, she said that she wanted, that she was just a little busy(All of this was in a whatsapp conversation).

Should I stop trying to take her out, give her a little space and surrender? , is she testing me, in order to know if I'm really interested in her?

By the way, does she think of this as a date or a friends night out?

What Would you girls think in this case?

I don't know what to do. :$


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  • Let her suggest the date and time or whatsapp early in the evening and casually ask what she's up to then if she's not doing anything, arrange to meet her in an hour/couple of hours

    • Tried that in the first place, it was a casual invitation just like the one you suggest, but didn't work, I've been asking her, she even showed me her schedule and I saw she was busy, Should I insist or Will she think I'm desperate or stalking her, is it ovious that I'm attracted to her?

      Also thanks for answering

    • Maybe when she cancels, just say 'ok' and don't suggest another date, women will play hard to get to see how much a man will chase (if she knows her schedule, she shouldn't agree on that time in the first place) but we also LOVE a bit of a chase too, still be friendly with her but confuse her and keep her on her toes a bit by not suggesting anything for a while - she will either suggest something herself or if you don't suggest anything for at least a week and THEN you ask,u may have more luck

    • ... don't let her mess you around too much though, she needs to make time for you, you should always be someone's priority and not just someone's choice

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  • Well, it's time to give up.