I don't know what to do I'm heartbroken guys help

I went up Sunday and everything was fine we held hands, watched movie, joked around, I even comforted him, he made his bed so I could lay on it cause I didn't feel well, he walked out with me to my car hugged me goodbye and said "text me when you get home so I know you're safe" and I did and we texted all night and then we texted the next day. He even asked me the night before to hang out with him next Sunday and I said maybe because I'd need gas and so I was like "do you want to hang out Friday? Like the day?" And no reply And I was like if you're busy it's fine I guess I can do Sunday and just stuff. I snap chatted him he saw it at like one in the morning so I was like its fine whatever My mom found out last night and freaked out so I tried to call him and told him to call me it was an emergency she came up stairs and said it'd be okay if we were friends and kept in contact. And I was like "idk what I did wrong to make you like this because Sunday was fine even you said yourself and we were fine Monday and then you just shut down so I'm done" I deleted him on snap chat I deleted his messages I deleted the messages he sent me in INSTA and I deleted his number So I texted him Thursday morning an was like where is the blood clot really from? He was like "stop talking to me I don't want to get in trouble just cause we're friends" and I was like maybe if you f***ing contacted me we could talk things out and you'd know what really going on and I was like I talked to her an we can still contact each other I don't know what you're talking about jail and sh*t. And he was like you're mom messaged me an told me she's going to put child molestation charges on me if I talk to you and I was like we talked it out the only person she's pissed at is me and I got your ass out of this and it was just this big fight. And I finally told him that he's fine and he's not getting in trouble and that I care about him, we both finally calmed down and was just like "ok" and what do you want to do? And two hours later he didn't text back so I said okay then and deleted him on snap chat deleted him on Facebook and deleted his number he hasn't said anything since. I know he still has my number an we stopped talking before for a week and I contacted him and he said he missed talking but this time he's not going to get in trouble... I just don't know, do you think he'll try to talk to me again? He's not one to hold a grudge, I just think he's really hurt right now and he knows I care.


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  • You're thowing me, the reader, a lot of info. Molestation charges? Blood clot? Jeez. Give him time. If you're too mosy you'll really piss him off. I think you ticked him off for...whatever drama and criminal charges that are going on. Back away. Sure you care. But it's annoying him. Calm down. Wait for him. Maybe send him a short simple message in a week. But damn... You deleted so much of him. Don't expect a response, honestly. If you're gonna be that cold so fast.

    • I know I just added him back, do you think he'll add me? I was just do mad and upset with him he calmed down and it's been 4 days since so I'm hopeing he'll do at least that

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    • I didn't block him I just deleted him he didn't respond to anything before the fight so I figured he wouldn't after. When I explained everything all he had to say was okay I asked him what he wanted to do and he said nothing so I said okay then. He lied to me about drugs and still is how can I not be upset about that?

    • Oh well in that case if I were any person and any other friend female or male lied about drugs-I would never trust that person. To me, lying can get dangerous because it can create problems and spread to other topics/more lying.

  • You should just move on. It's not wroth going back.

    • Yeah, I found out it wasn't heroine he just has a girlfriend and another girl he's talking to while we were talking about "making it offcial"

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