It's been a rollarcoaster what is going on with this guy?

So I met this guy who's a bit older than me and he knows that I'm still technically a minor (17) he's 2 years older than me and when we met we talke for hours when he had to leave he asked for my number and I was a bit skeptical so I said no. I couldn't stop thinkin about him so naturally I added him on Facebook he accepted and a couple of days later I messaged him and he was like hey text me. So he did and we honesty texted for a week. My parents don't approve of him so this was all done in secret, they found out I was talking to him the first time and said if I he ever contacted me again they'd "kill him". I told him we couldn't talk anymore because I was honestly scared of him because my parents ha told me he'd done bad things but they didn't even really know him. A week passed and I really missed him so I snap chatted him and we old each other that we miss talking to each other he said I just don't want you in trouble but I really didn't care. So we started talking again I told him I had a bad dream that my parents found out and everything just got awful and he told me not to worry and that he was safe. Afte that we got into deeper conversations and really got to know each other a lot better. We would tell each other that we did have feelings that were more than friends so it wasn't confusing. My best friend has always wanted to go on a double date so I asked him if he'd come with me as a date and he said yes. That weeken we couldn't go because her boyfriend had a game and my guy went to the hospital so I told him next weekend we ended up where I drove to his place and only me and him hung out. It was so nice and sweet we joked with each other, feel asleep on the couch together, watched movies, and it was just so innocent but so sweet. When I had to leave he walke me to my car hugged me goodbye and told me to text him when I got home so he knew I was safe he even asked me to hang out next weekend. I was just so happy. I got him and we texted each other till the rest of the night and Monday. My mom found out Tuesday and apparently messaged him that she was going to have him arrested if he ever talke to me but later decided that I could talk to him but didn't tell him that and we got in a fight about it and wen I explained everything all he said was "ok" and I asked him what he wanted to do he never responded and I said okay then. I miss him so much I do and he's not one to hold a grudge and I know he's not mad at me but my parents. Is there anyway he'd ever try and talk to me again... He knows that he can and he knows that I care but what would you do if you were in this situation as the guy?


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  • Just find another guy.


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  • Why do your parents hate him? Is he an alchoholic/druggie? Does he have a record? If not, ask them! If they don't give you a reason, don't prod too much.

    If he's a good guy, and actually loves you, he'll contact you again. If not, move on.

    If he does contact you, and you plan to stay together, make sure you can either convince your parents to accept him or live without them. If you stay with him without their approval, they probably will refuse to house you, feed you, or pay for college. Get a job, get scholarships, get a car, etc.-they won't support you. So, try to get him accepted.

    If your parent's don't accept him, wait until you're 18 to get back together-they'll have no legal power over you.

    However, he may not be worth it. Thouroughly evaluate your situation. Don't screw over your life because of this guy. Always look out for yourself first at times like this.

    • He has a bad past but it's been a while since he's really done anything he has his life together and my mom says she thinks he's a good person it's just his past. Which I understand but he didn't even try anything and she'd be fine with it now but I just don't know what to do

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  • In the eyes of the law if he is 3 years or less older than you it is legal.

    • In ohio isn't it 16 with consent?