Is he jealous/ why was he so curious?

A guy that I recently dated and "clicked" with was curious to know about my family and which parent I look more like...I showed him a photo of me and my mom b4 we went out to a club...He was asking if my mom and I get hit on by guys lol. He was also saying I look a lot like my mom.

Tonight we chatted online and he was saying that he's surprised that I'm not out partying because its Saturday night.

(He knows my mom and I go out a lot).

Is he jealous? why was he so curious?

p.s - he's been saying that he's sick this last week and a half - is he lying to me or playing hard to get? or is he really ill?)

We "clicked" and had a good chemistry and we were able to carry a convo.


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  • Yes, he jealous

    • is he avoiding me you think? or uninterested?

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