Ladies, What is the best way to get a girl back?

We dated for almost a year, she dumped me because she never loved me and though the relationship wasn't going anywhere.

In all fairness, I never told her that I loved her and I took her for granted at times. Nevertheless, it really hit me hard when we broke up.

She offered friendship, which I first rejected. I then went NC for a little over 2 months. We saw each other at a event and it was awkward, but it was amicable enough.

A month passed by and I saw her at another event, and she was very cold and even rude to me. I later found out that she was asking around if I was dating and was convinced I was dating someone. In fact, I went on some casual dates and socialized with an attractive female friend in the presence with one of my ex's friends.

I still wish I could get my ex back, but have no clue how. If I go back and beg, she will know she can dump and I will come back. This does not make for a healthy relationship. She may also reject me and I will merely be feeding her ego.

I may see her at a party next week and am unsure if I should ignore or smile/nod if we make eye contact. I will also be there with female friends, which may complicate things for me.

Thanks for any informed responses.


So, my ex saw me sitting with an attractive female friend at an event the other night. I smiled and waved at the ex, and she did smile back. However, there was no interaction after that and she did not stay for the after event party at a local bar. I don't know if this is because she didn't want into run into me and who she probably thought was the girl I am dating. Ladies, did I blow my chances of any reconciliation?

I recently saw my ex on the street and I decided to take the high road by giving her a smile and wave. She smiled and waved back, but it seemed forced.

Would most women think I was being creepy? I did not approach her and want nothing from her at this point but peace and no hard feelings.

Would it have been better to ignore her completely.

I feel I did the right thing, but I am curious as to the women's point of view. Thanks.


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  • I believe that you shouldn't beg for her but let her know that you are still interested and let her know that you are serious this time ! Being with other girls will be bad because he will think that you are probably with one of them or seeing one of Them I suggest you let her well aware of that you are available and not with anyone if you treat her with respect he will come back to you and obviously she still likes you even though she won't say it women are like that hopefully everything goes well for you

    • Thanks, but I have been nothing but respectful since the breakup whenever I see her. I walk over to say hello and ask about her life and family. But since she broke up with me, shouldn't she make some kind of move as well? A call? text? Something? If not, am I not then free to date?

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  • If you want to get the girl back, don't be clingy and don't suffocate her, because it's annoying. If you want to get her back just be her friend first, be kind and supportive and be there for her when she needs a friend. Don't expect her to fall back into your arms right away, this things take time.

    • Thanks...I have not been clingy at all. When I see her, I say hi and ask about her family, nothing more. I do not contact her outside of work.

      However, while she offered friendship at the breakup, she apparently became upset that I started dating here and there. I did not want to wait around forever and we are talking three months after she dumped me.

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    • I'm sorry my advice didn't work for you, I hope you can fix it some how.

    • Nothing to be sorry about. Thanks for the advice. I don't think she would have come back to in any event. She dumped me and would have looked foolish going back to me after she told her family and friends that I was not the one. Now that she think I am dating, she would look evem more stupid. And that's assuming she still has feelings for me in the first place.

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  • Bro, I am in the same boat. My ex and I broke up for my selfish reasons, I loved her but never told her. She was a great girl and it sucks because it was almost two years ago and I still find myself thinking about her. She now has a new boyfriend and I have yet to attempt to talk to her, the only time we talk is on each others birthday. It's sad she talks to my mother more than she talks to me. This isn't about me though, my suggestion is show her you're a genuine and nice guy. Let her know how you feel, sit down and talk as adults. If she chooses to act childish then she is not the woman for you my friend. I hope that things work out for you and you win her heart back because it sounds like you do care about her. The whole jealousy thing doesn't work and in my opinion only makes you look immature trying to make your ex jealous. Tell her and show her that you still care, things will work out.

    • Thanks and sorry to hear your story. I feel it may be too late since she already knows I was dating. But I thought three months was enough time to date after getting dumped.

      My only option now is to behave when I see her at the party this week and not make it look like I am flirting with women. But, if I have female friends and I laughing/chatting with them, how can I prevent her from assuming it's anything other than flirting?

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