How would you know if your boyfriend is serious to you?

I have a boyfriend that I met online. And it's been 2 months since the day that I knew him. After one month he asked me to be his girlfriend, and I say yes because I like him too. So much! We haven't meet personally because of distance between us. But he promised me that he will come see me. We text/chat regularly. He told me that he is busy with his work. But now, sometimes I don't get a message from him only Hi/Hello! Then sometimes I don't get a response from him when I text him. I can't stop over thinking. I have so many questions.. Please help me!


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  • he may be serious but in online chattings 90% relations failed so don't get attached to anyone whom you never met never seen be alert be safe...

  • You can see it by how he treats you.

    • He's nice. But what if sometimes, let's say a week he ca't text you because his super busy with his work. Does this mean he's not interested to you anymore?

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