How did I read all the signs wrong?

He showed all the signs of him liking me, ( a guy friend of mine) so when I met him out this week, I casually asked if he wanted to meet up with me for a drink the week after. He said yes. I thought all is going well. Then at the end of the night I went to kiss him, he said no. I was like what the hell? (to myself) Why did he say yes to the "date"? Maybe he didn't think I was asking him on a date? Is that possible?

I feel a little foolish as I read him all wrong.


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  • If you didn't specify that you wanted to go on a date then yes he probably thought it was just a friendly get together. Not a big deal. It's ok, don't feel too foolish, we all misread signs from time to time.

  • well, he wanted a date with you. not to kiss you. he maybe thought you were different, that you don't want to kiss on the first date. you didn't read teh signs wrong you just moved too fast. slow down, enjoy the time you get with him. every second. slow and look at the flowers.