Guys: What makes a bad kisser?

Basic question lol

A little detail as to why I ask:

My first boyfriend said our first kiss was "terrible" but told me I got better. There was awkward moments... teeth clanking, him telling me I was kissing too hard, etc. But I'd like to believe it takes time to learn & I got pass all that. Regardless, he continued to make out with me regularly and even after we broke up.

I've kissed 4 guys now though and I've never had anyone tell me I was a good kisser. Its making me really worried that I really am terrible. :(


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  • Teeth clanks, and bumps are cute. Worst thing ever is when the girl doesn't follow your lead. The more experienced kisser should lead this kiss, in my opinion. When there is no flow, and the girl is just going all out on you with no coordination at all it gets messy and doesn't feel good at all..


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