Is he dropping hints............

I would really appreciate your help on this one.

I have been talking to a guy online for just over a week now. The conversation seems to be going well and we message each other a couple of times a day.

In the conversation we have been talking about plans for the weekend, food we like and sports we like. I have mentioned I like Chinese and would like to play badminton and have no one to play with.

He has responded to all these with:

I especially like badminton, if you need someone to play with

I am busy except from Sunday, I'm going to Reach Fair on Monday. You should give it a go if you have not been before.

There is a nice Chinese in Fordham, maybe we should give it a go sometime.

He has also said that he has enjoyed talking to me and puts kisses in every message.

I made the contact with him first and he seems a little bit shy. From what I have said do you think he is dropping little hints for me to ask him out/seeing how I'm acting?

I have dated people from dating sites before and they have always made the first move and asked me out so I'm unsure of what to do. I really like what I know and would like to see if we can connect in person.

Should I just go ahead and ask him if he would like to do something or is it way too early?

I'm always sensible when meeting these people. I never give out personal details, always meet them somewhere public and don't go anywhere alone with them.

I really would appreciate your help on this. Thank you.


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  • D) All of the Above... This guy is playing you hardcore, it sounds like. He acknowledges what you had to say and follows it with some quirky "lets get together" remark. He is trying to meet you in public, that way he can work his charm on a much larger scale.

    If I were you, I would meet him in public with friends first -- depending on how things go and if he were trying to push what he's already doing on a harder scale -- I would probably end up walking away from the conversation, riding home with my friend by my side.

    Theres no shame in taking things slow; mind you - the shy guys just like the players will think you have gone for someone else, but this is a risk that I, myself, am willing to take if it means that I eliminate those "Fakes" that want something other than a relationship with me.

    I wish you the best of luck, but my answer is No - don't subject yourself to "game"~



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  • Take the direct approach. Say something like "I think we might have a lot of fun meeting in person, are you asking me out on a date?"

    Good Luck


  • Well..the only way your really gonna to know him is to see him in person.. :)

    Just have a friendly date the first one or two times...have fun and talk to each other(no movie theatres, BAD IDEA) Go somewhere you can talk.

    Then..if you feel like you two have a something a little more...secluded, go to the park or something. He obviously wants to do something with you since he asked. :)

  • My opinion:

    Ask him out yourself.

    If he says no, scratch his name from your list and move on. Don't invest more than 2 weeks with online relationships before you try to transition to the real world.

    • So you should/shouldnt wait 2 weeks before transitioning to the real world?

    • Wait NO MORE than 2 weeks before trying to move to real-world.

      otherwise, you risk get attached to an illusion...

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