How to recover from sex on first date?

So I broke the rules and had sex on a first date on Saturday. We really hit it off and it just felt right. Within 2 hours of getting home he had text me and we have pretty much been messaging constantly all Sunday and Monday. He has invited me over later this week and I'm really excited to see him again however I really don't want to just turn in to his booty call. Is it possible to recover from sex on a first date or am I now just a booty call?

P.S. please don't suggest that I just don't sleep with him next time as its all I have been thinking about and I'm pretty sure I won't be able to keep my hands off him ;)


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  • i don't know what's done is done , you had sex with him and that cannot ever be taken back , you were at least on a date so not like you hooked up after a wild night out at bar , so I think there is a bit more credibility to this , I don't think your necessary a booty call if its obvivous you want somesort of a relationship with him and going on dates


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  • If he's the sort of guy who thinks 'any girl who has sex fast is a slut and you don't date', its not happening, though I don't know why you'd want to date a guy like that.

    If he's not, then you're fine. Don't go cold on him, go ahead and jump him, just make sure to develop other things as WELL as the sexual side. Go out together, do things together, be affectionate ... and maul each other.

  • Jinglybeads is right. The idea of 'rules' is ridiculous. If you're intellignt and you have a good personality, he'll want to continue to spend time with you and not just for the sex. If you don't have intelligence and personality, he'll get bored of you even if you don't have sex with him.


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  • i don't think its a problem. I've slept on the first date with all my boyfriends, and it didn't stop them from asking me out and falling in love and being in a relationship with me (for 8 months, one year and 2 years respectively). all of these relationships started fairly sexually, but through chatting and getting breakfast the day after graduated to dates and then relationship. not every thing happens like in the text book of kiss on the first date, sleeping on the 3rd or whatever it is.

    although, I've realized that not having sex on the first date is a bigger deal in the united states than in australia.