First Time Going On A Date

I'm going to go with this girl and I am wondering, do I order her meal for her?

Should I pay for the bill?

What if it isn't a first date and we're casually just going out for food. Should I still buy her meal?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Don't order for her. I don't know any woman who enjoys that.

    I think whoever asked for the date should foot the bill, at least for the first date. However, I also think it's a really nice gesture for the man to pick up the tab. Not necessary though - she should be prepared to buy her own meal, and should offer to pay for her meal or leave the tip. If you pay, I would hope she'd show some gratitude for your taking her out. If she assumes you will pay for everything and doesn't offer to contribute, I think that's a bad sign.

    If you're not going out on a date, just grabbing food somewhere, then she should buy her own.


What Guys Said 1

  • umm don't order FOR her... that's like if she was ur daughter or something.. and she was 5 years old. She's a person too. yes you should pay the bill, but don't do it EVERY date. Because she'll see that and its like " Oh I can use this guy to buy me meals" a date doesn't have to be at a fancy restaurant it can simply be going to a ice cream shop.

    If its not a date, don't pay for her. Unless its something like icecream and ur getting 2 cones. because that's negligeable. but if its something more than 5-10 bucks... let her pay for it.

    You are not an atm machine. Unless ur filthy rich.