Ladies! What do you expect on a first date?

I'm taking my long time crush out for some dinner and after we are going on a walk and if it rains then we are playing video games. We've been friends for a few months and this is the first time we are going on an actually date. I don't really know what to do, I'm 18 and this is the first time I've gone on a date, I'm only used to random hookups :S

I have no idea what to talk about or what to do, do I try to hold her hand? Kiss her at the end of the date? Make a move on the date?

Please any advice would be appreciated!


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  • Make sure your on time, tell her she looks beautiful the second she shows up, don't expect her to pay for dinner, talk about anything you want to just avoide the following: talking about ex, slagging off people, stories that involve sick, faeces or sex, don't brag about night out where you were so wasted that blah blah blah happened. during the walk if she is walking close to you then yeah hold her hand, if not try walking closer to her and see if she backs off or not. kiss her if it feels right, this could happen at any time during date ;)


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  • I love a guy holding my hand, acting playful and flirty, making me laugh, just relaxing and fun.

    the video game thing sounds so cute! :D

    and be yourself, don't kiss her unless you are sure she wants you to.

  • This sounds like a great idea. As far as making a move goes, just see how it feels. If there's a moment where you feel like kissing her or holding her hand, do it.


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