Girls online dating.. why do anything past coffee(or something similar)?

I see some profiles and the first date ideas are something I'd never commit to without knowing the person.

Plus I have met girls overtime who did not match their photos. It can be quite an awkward experience.

I have read online that some guys used completely fake photos as well and I could only imagine how crazy it would be to make all sorts of plans with someone just to find out it was an imposter the whole time.

Why do girls online expect all the crazy stuff I read about? Why not meet up for something simple first so you can at least make sure you're not talking to a phony?


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  • The only online relationships I've engaged in are things that happened not from a dating site, but talking to people and developing friends on a gaming network/forum/or something not devoted to dating. Kind of like meeting someone naturally.. just online and mostly long distance. I think people are more likely to lie if they are insecure or such. I haven't had the problem with meeting someone fake yet that I've garnered interest to. I guess I'm a bit more internet oriented, and you can tell when people are lying majority of the time. I had a friend who used pictures of Zac Efron.. a little.. too obvious there buddy? lol.

    If you're worried about it, you could do a reverse image search on their pictures (paste link into search engine then do a search by URL when prompted). A novice will use a model, smarter people use pictures of another boy/girl, probably a bit more good looking than they are, but not professional quality images.

    To be honest, I don't really understand it either. If you use a fake picture you're either going to get caught, or make someone attracted to you for your looks that might not be 100% there. If you're on a dating site you should be looking seriously, shouldn't you? So why would you ruin your chances like that, I don't understand either.

    • Ironically the girls I meet online say "I was bored" when I ask them what made them make a profile. They never end up being serious. I'm trying to see if maybe the girls on there will be more serious.

    • Hmm that's always possible. Personally, the only time I've used a dating site was to figure out what people thought of me.

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  • I tried online dating. Never did coffee. In one case, we sat on his tailgate and talked all night over ice cream. In the second we went to a hunting expo and played pool in a bar later on. I've had good experiences so far.

    • Talking over ice cream sounds simple. If you didn't like him you had an easy escape.

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    • I met one where it went on for hours. I can definitely relate when things go well. Glad to see you're having success online. Most girls tell me they get flooded with perverted emails.

    • I might get one message a week at the most. I've been told that even just based on my profile guys know I don't mess around. I really hope the second one works out.

  • I always do the coffee date first. You never know if the chemistry you have online will transfer in real life. I like to talk to the person and 1) Make sure they are not crazy, and 2) That they are actually someone I want to get to know.

  • I don't think it's the majority of girls that believe that. Only the REAAAAAAALLY desperate ones, the ones that never listened to all the warnings of their parents and other people telling them to be careful on the internet.


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  • maybe the person was just trying to sound more interesting by writing up an exciting first date idea . anyways I agree a simple coffee date would make more sense , especially if you didn't even know the person yet or meet them in person

    • I would hope that. With it being online I just am reluctant to message someone because I am not sure. I definitely ignore dinner dates as a first date. I feel that's a way to get scammed.

    • Yeah, that sounds pretty smart to me. I'm actually going to think about that next time a guy asks me what I want to do as a first date. Talking for the first date is better than going all out.

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