Why do girls say to text them sometime and when you do the convo is short and they don't get back to you?

Not to say she should focus all her time on me but... OK I hardly text girls. I'm the guy who's cool with everybody, has several female friends which many of whom are interested in some way. But I rarely text people whether female or male. Sure people get busy which is fine but why not get back too me? If I sent you the last text why expect me to initiate the next conversation. I've had girls text me back apologizing for falling asleep or forgetting to get back to me. That at least shows me she cares and wants me to know she wants to talk to me. There's chasing with the intent of getting caught and chasing just because you like attention and that is a waste of my time.


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  • It's called mirroring. When you give the impression that you aren't interested, because you aren't chasing, the smarter girls start doing it back to you to see if you start chasing. If you don't, they move on

    • But that's just it I do show signs of chase towards those I text. It's more so a sense of consideration. If we had a great conversation even though it might have been short at least get back to me if you want to continue the "chase". Some even playfully mess with me saying I never text them and yet I did weeks ago, but they never got back to me. How am I supposed to know your interested! Guys want to feel thought about too.

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    • Ok I agree, there are several reasons. I'm one of the few that's looking for something real but because of all the crap guys & girls pull on each other it just makes relationships in general a huge pain and not worth it at times.

    • Focus on one girl you really like. And pursue. She will sense it.

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