Is he playing game or did something go wrong?

This guy and I have been texting for a month (not crazy bunch of texts but he'd text me at least once during the day almost everyday and I'd reply). He has told me he likes me and would like to know more about me. I've told him I like him too.

Four days ago, we talked on the phone and he told me he got jealous when he heard that I was going on a date because he likes me. I told him that wasn't a date but just a hanging out with friend. He was okay, said he believed me, and talked about planning to meet up and said he'd be in touch with me real soon. He texted me the next evening, short one as usual. Then for three days he didn't text me at all so I sent him a short text wishing that everything's alright with him. He just replied with yes he is good, didn't even ask how I was or what so ever.

Now I don't get it. What made that sudden change? Is he playing game now or did he just lose interest?


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  • I think he is just playing games. When a guy is interested he wants to hang out with you and text you 24/7