Am I wrong to feel this way about my bf? help !

So me and my boyfriend have 2months ! I'm such a support girlfriend(his in the army) but still feel like his taking me for granted. I told him that.. he says that he loves but its just hard for him to show emotion! So basically I'm the one always calls him and texts him! I told him why doesn't call has much as before! he said his under stress over rent that he pays for his mother and so on! but I don't ask for much I just want him to text me to let me know his fine etc... today I waited to see if he would call me but he hasn't at all! I Haven't gotten no text or call! but I saw him log on FB! (I just feel now these past days that if I don't call him he wouldn't call) like he only calls me when I call him..)so what should I do? I'm pisst so I havnt called him because he should aleast call me I overacting? or I'm wrong to feel this way? Thank you !


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  • I don't think you're wrong to feel this way, however, he is the army so I would say that you should be considerate of the stress that has on one's psyche. If I were you, I'd text him and be supportive until he's off active duty then I would have a face-to-face and talk to him about how you're feeling however, it seems almost as if his interest has waned.

    • his not on duty for now! I spoke to him face to face...smh

    • his on fb log on has we speak smh! and still I have no text from him or call!

    • Oh, I see. Well, in that case he has no excuse to be acting dismissive, a girl shouldn't have to initiate all the conversations, it's not fair.

  • It isn't wrong to be feeling that way. You're a girl in a relationship with someone you care for and you want to be receiving the love and attention you deserve. I really think you're boyfriend needs to understand that while you two are together, that he makes you a priority. But don't make him your whole world, step back and go without talking to him for one or 2 days. Just see what happens. you will either get a phone call from him, or you won't.

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