Dating 2 months...Should I cut my losses?

So I met this "wonderful" man online. He treats me great while we are together, but now I'm starting to have second thoughts. At first he texted me ALL day and called rarely, but always kept contact via text. Now that we've slept together...he never calls, just texts. I've expressed that he never calls and he came up with some excuse so whatever I cut him slack. Odd thing is he always plans to see me again and sometimes we don't have sex.

The distance bothers me, eventhough he reassured me everything was fine. (He was the one to initiate the convo). He says he's been stressed, but yet he hangs out with his friends almost everyday (he's 30). To add to everything he joined a singles dating group that do fun activities right BEFORE we started dating. He told me I can go to the activities with him while he tries to cancel his membership. Well I missed the activity because I had to work and asked if he canceled. He said he became preoccupied and forgot. He later showed me a pic he took of the young female coordinator doing an activity and said that he had to text to her the picture. So they obviously exchanged numbers! Now yesterday his lock screen wallpaper has an average looking girl on it and I think it MIGHT be her! Should I bring it up to him or just dump him? He said he got it off the net, but it's weird because you can see the girl standing in front of a window, like she took it in her room. I don't want to sound crazy, but why would he have her number unless he's planning on hitting on her?


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  • This love cop smells a rat.

    • Ugh, me too. The truth hurts. I think it's time to move on. I'm better then this.

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  • Oh love, I would have a discussion with him. Like a sit down heart-to-heart.

    A few things you might bring up would include-

    1. Why would he have a random girl's picture as his background if he is with you? Why not a picture of you.

    2. Can't he just cancel his membership via the telephone?

    3. Why go to the activities? He is 'planning' to cancel his membership, so it doesn't make any sense for him to be there unless he was lying to your face.

    I have always found that if you're doubting the relationship it's almost always best to just end it. You don't have to be uncivilized with each other or anything.

    Hope this helped! And sorry if I come across as a grade-A Butt!

    • That's what I'm saying! I was gonna ask why he just didn't have a pic of me, but I didn't want to sound juvenile or needy since we essentially aren't "official" yet. Thank You!

    • It's been two months, I think that may make it officially 'official'. And it's not juvenile, it's human!