Isn't it sad how relationships and dating turned to playing games ?

the title says it all .. people always say that to be good with women and dating you need to have game !

others say that you need to be a challenge i.e not showing your feeling and play hard to get so that you keep the girl challenged and as soon as you fall for the girl you are no longer a challenge you will be boring and predictable and the bitch is gonna dump you and go for another guy who is playing the same game on her and this keeps going on forever

on the other hand girl says that they want a nice guy who texts her 'good morning beautiful' and always giving her attention which gives you the feeling that girls are looking for kinda settling with a guy and have a constant romantic environment going on and yet they get bored easily and bla bla

so what's going on .. the whole thing doesn't sound natural anymore .. you can't be yourself cause you need to play games and do things you don't like and pretend things you don't wanna pretend just to keep things going on .. I think that's a lot of effort going to waste .. if no one is gonna like you for who you are without doing a single thing of these cheesy manipulating techniques then I guess screw it .. no need to date or waste your energy on such thing


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  • Lower they expectations and get real.

    No, that's not part of the game to lower and settle. If I want someone who's romantic and able to communicate. Than that's what I want. And if I choose you because you presented all that in the beginning why would I assume that's not really who you are. Yes you must have game to create some intrest that doesn't mean lie.. Tho. Becoming some one who wants to please or make Ur women happy by saying or doing cheesy stuff doesn't make you less than a man .. And challenges Wth... Who keep saying that about most women that's not true. Women don't prefer a complicated situation.. That game you thinking is false actually if you haven't notice it drives most women a lesser complicated situation ...while you think she calling because Ur game is working she's not she's trying to figured out what went wrong. And while Ur not reciprocating cause you think you got her where you want her . The other guy is making it a lot less complicated by communicating...and expressing his feelings.. And allowing her to express hers. Yes he might be running game too. But that's not the case all the time.

    • Typo.. I meant to say ...women prefer a less complicated situation.

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  • It's about balance I think. I wouldn't want a guy throwing himself at me but I wouldn't want them to play hard to get either. If they play hard to get I just think they are not interested. I also think it's about equal effort!

    • I don't understand why the guy should do the balance and girl should wait and be picky about the whole thing .. that's why a lot of guys are lost .. and girls are being picky about nothing cause they have like no options to begin with .. people need to lower their expectations and standards and get real !

    • I said I think it's about EQUAL effort and balance, it is up to both parties :)

    • I think a lot of what society tells people doesn't help. With things such as don't be too keen, don't do this, make sure you do that. I think all this crap turns people in to nervous wrecks. It is much harder to be yourself these days due to all the pressure and expectations society puts on us. It's a joke.

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  • Most dating advice is bs. That's because most dating advice is written for players and most people aren't players. GaG is better than most other dating advice that you read because it tends to be more normal people. It has a wide variety of normal people with a wide variety of opinions about what they like and dislike in relationships.

    Most of the so-called dating advice implies that one size fits all, but that's far from being true. People should just be themselves and not try so hard, and definitely not play games. I always thought that most of the typical dating advice is written for people who don't need it, or at least they don't need more than a nudge. But it doesn't work for the people who really need it the most.

    Sure some people on here are lying. But most are being honest. You'll see pretty quickly that the majority don't fit into the typical advice that you read from the players. The advice from players might work to hook up with other players, but most people aren't out to play that game.

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