How could telling a guy that you like him be "disrespectful"?!?

There is this guy I've been friends with, but over the past couple months he has gotten really possessive and started flirting with me. We hang out all the time on campus to the point that other guys don't even try to make any moves on me because they think I have something going on with guy A. The thing is, guy A has a girlfriend that goes to another campus. He rarely talks about her, but I know that they have been going out on/off throughout high school. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore so I texted the guy saying "So I'm sitting in class thinking about next year, if you come back, I would like to be more then friends. What do you think?" After first he avoided the topic, we didn't talk for a week, and then I texted him again because I needed help with my car and he brought the subject back up and was like: "I can't put the situation behind us because you disrespected me like that. I have a girlfriend that I've had all year. I love her very much. I can't believe you would do that even while knowing that." For me, this is unbelievable because a)he never told me that he loves her very much, b) if we were such good "friends" why did he never introduce me to her when she visited him on campus. He always avoided me at all costs the days she came.

I finally stood up for him being SO possessive that it limited any other guys I had contact with and he calls me disrespectful! opinions?


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  • i think you should tell him exactly that. Its the best thing you could do.. not in an angry way just as.. in a "what do you mean disrespectful?" kind of way. also tell him that he made it seem like there could possibly be something in between you two.. and say that your sorry he thinks that your being disrespectful but.. etc.

  • Perhaps he felt that it was disrespectful to his relationship because you made a move on him. He was sending you mixed signals though so I don't know why he reacted like that. You shouldnt have sent him that knowing that he has a girl even if he did flirt with you a lot, he never tried to cross the line.

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