How do you initiate your first kiss, or do you?

just wondering how some of you guys or gals initiate your first kiss. Also what you do to build up til the first kiss perhaps.


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  • Before you think of kissing the person you like, make SURE they are up for it. Once that is established & you want to initiate the kiss, make eye contact. it's best not to surprise them with something like a kiss. Then you lean in closer to them, maintaining eye contact (just don't stare at them!) this should give them a hint that something is gonna happen, and they have time to pull away or lean in closer to receive it, before you pucker up with your eyes closed. then you just ease into it & kiss the person. also, try not to put a lot of thought into it, because the other person will get the feeling that you are unsure & pull away. Hope this helped!


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