Girls, what’s the best genre for a date at the movies?

I met this girl. First date over a week ago: we went out for drinks. We French-kissed when we said goodbye. We’ve been chatting online every day since, very flirty. Second date will be a movie theatre. So, girls, what genre would be best do you think? We’re both movie buffs anyway. I’m thinking horror (I’ll get the chance to ‘protect’ her haha) or romance or romcom (chance for romantic cuddling/hand-holding). Also, side question (don’t think it really applies to this girl, but anyway): if you DIDN’T like horror or romance or romcom, would you still want to see such a movie for the increased chance of touching? Watching horror, do you genuinely feel ‘protected’ by the guy or is it more for fun?


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  • Horror: I'm a horror buff so if anything, I'll be protecting my date. My boyfriend hates them and hides behind me when we watch them.

    Comedy: Always a winner in my book

    Romance: Meh.

    Action: Not my favorite but okay. I'll probably fall asleep.

    As far as your question about horror movies. I feel genuinely insulted if a guy tells me, "Let's watch a horror movie. Don't worry, I'll protect you." I work in criminal justice. My entire life is a horror movie. If I needed protecting, I wouldn't do that. I find the horror movies to be rather comical, actually. So if he thinks he's protecting me, he's got it wrong. I know guys do it to appear "manly" and "like the white knight" but if I'm the one suggesting the movie, then don't think I need or want your protection. Just let me sit and watch the movie and eat my popcorn in peace.


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  • I'll watch anything just to be close to the guy. But I really don't like horror. so I usually turn down the date if that's what he wants to watch. Has nothing to do with "protection". 1979 called, they want their scary movie hugs back.

  • I'm a fan of any type of movie, so it would be fun regardless!


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