Long distance dating is hard please give me advice?

me and my girlfriend have known each other for years and I have always tried to date her. she always said kno becuase I dated her ex. now I'm with her but have only seen her once in a long time. she keeps me hidden from her mom and friends and hassnt told her dad either. she ays she wants to tel her mom first and wait til the moment is right. the only problem is she isn't oging to tell them were dating for a long long time. only that were friends and she si all concerned. I think its a lie and she only want to keep me a secret cause she s ashamed. I can't call he rout on it. we used ot talk a lot and now we don't talk as much and it jsut seems like it snot gonna work. I lvoe her a lot and leaving her isn't an option she lvoes me to. advice please


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  • yeah I'm in one right now, but if you truly love the person you can work it out and eventually you'll be together.

    and omg I'm the same way with my boyfriend, I haven't told anyone we're dating, not because I'm embarassed but because I don't want to explain, or I can't explain our relationship...once we move closer to each other permanently I can tell them.

    and I've been through, or we've been through the "I don't think it's going to work out" feeling but we're still going strong for 2 years.

    A relationship requires work and understanding, if you both truly love each other it will work out.

    I think I'm going through the same thing as you so if you have any more questions feel free to ask.


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